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Home » Online Forex Trading Blog » Basics of Forex Options

Basics of Forex Options


Forex options trading can be a great alternative to trading in the spot fx market. It is often used to head physical currency positions. We have created a comprehensive guide to forex options in addition to the basic information listed below.

Types of Forex Options

  1. Traditional American Option: It can be used at any point until the expiration date
  2. Traditional European Option: It can only be used at the point of expiration
  3. Forex Spot Option: SPOT options are very similar to traditional options. The main difference is that the forex trader will first give a scenario (UER/USD will break 1.4000 in 2 weeks). The trader pays a premium, and then receives cash if his scenario occurs. SPOT trading also converts the option to cash automatically if your trade is successful.

Determining an Options Price

An option premium is determined by several factors including:

  1. Time Value: In general, the longer the time period of the option, the higher the price you have to pay as time value shows the uncertainty of market movements
  2. Interest Rate Differential: A change in the interest rates has an impact on the relationship between the strike price and the current market value.
  3. Volatility: High volatility increases the probability that the market price will hit the strike price in a certain timeframe. Usually, the more volatile the currency, the higher the premium will be.

For more details about forex options, please visit our comprehensive guide. And remember, trading currency options offers a great alternative to or addition to trading forex in the spot market

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