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Home » Online Forex Trading Blog » State Of Union: Big Ideas, Deaf Ears

State Of Union: Big Ideas, Deaf Ears


You can find holes in any speech. At first, the President seemed to take an all too familiar tone in last night’s well-choreographed speech. By speech-end, he had taken his audience through an emotional ride even as another misinterpretation of the Second Amendment unfolded in California.

The conclusion needs no further elaboration. The real question about guns is why it cannot come to a vote? The President is right. Even if politicians oppose any change to gun control, why are they afraid to show their position? Simple isn’t it. While our children die, our police are outmanned and every gang in urban centers has more firepower than the squad cars patrolling the streets, the politicians cannot vote because they are cowardly, putting their self-interest ahead of the people’s needs. It is such a familiar and all too predictable theme in our country.

If the Founding Fathers could see what we have created, does anyone honestly believe they would have included such an uncontrolled Amendment? To be so cowardly and hide behind the Constitution when it is mammon that is the true motivator says a lot about the moral composition of Congress doesn’t it?

After the Republican response, Senator Rubio’s first official presidential presentation, he might as well pack his bags. It is great that his parents gave him an opportunity for success! Did they have to worry every day that he might be shot at school? Or, in a park? I think not. Why is that acceptable for the children of others?

It is impossible that Republicans do not see our economy is poised to progress. It is impossible to ignore that companies of all sizes are hoarding cash they would normally invest in growth because of the environment in Congress.

Republicans are right that government should play a lesser role in many economic situations but Republicans have placed government in the position where it is the last line of defense.

Tell me again, whose policies caused the financial meltdown and millions of lost homes and lost jobs?

It is not Obamacare that is stifling growth. It is not Medicare. It is not the cost of health insurance. Americans will find a way to deal with that if we can grow. Rubio’s parents apparently found a way to get him over the edge. Are his parents greater than everyone else? Would Republicans even allow them in the country today?

If Congress lets this economy grow by encouraging businesses to hire at home and gives them a safe environment in which to invest, we can unchain the world’s biggest economy once again. It has been suppressed by Washington for too long.

Anyway, at least another phony politician showed his stuff. Does Rubio believe immigrants should learn English? Then, why did he prepare a separate speech in Spanish? Obama cannot handle his progressives? How are Republicans handling Tea Partiers? Why are they suppressing the vote. If his way is the right way, would his parents have been permitted to vote?

Every time one of these clowns opens their mouth, it is laughable isn’t it. There is no way Rubio will ever be President of the United States. In their twisted political culture, perhaps that is why he was asked to respond with indefensible alternatives.

The Democrats are not right. The Republicans are wrong. If the sequestration and the debt ceiling default come to play without a compromise solution by March 1, there should be the biggest populist uprising in the history of the Nation. There will definitely be the biggest spike in unemployment since the last Republican reign. All the gritty progress will be undone. Neither one presiding Republican, nor one presiding Democrat should be permitted to remain in office after March 2nd.

The President may be aggressive. Why not? Why does someone not see that Boehner and McConnell, two twisted GOP leaders, made it their priority to deny the President a second term more important than the protection of the people that voted them to office. After someone spits in your face for two years in public, why would you assume they have seen the light?

President Obama is the President of the United States, the Commander in Chief. The buck stops there. With such a coterie of dunces in both chambers, why would US businesses not stockpile their cash and send jobs elsewhere?  I, for one, do not understand whose platform that serves and how it serves the American public.


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About the Author -

Hiland is a professional writer with extensive entrepreneurial experience. He is a graduate of St. George’s School Newport, RI and the State University of New York at Albany where he majored in history. He has been active in the real estate business for 30 years and has founded and sold several businesses. Hiland currently writes for several financial sites and is a published author of the novel The Last Parade. He has recently completed a manuscript for a children’s book entitled Sami and The Minnow Man.

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