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Margin Call Calculator


The Margin Call Calculator is a detailed tool that roughly estimates the margin call rate as well as the total loss (in USD) on a hypothetical exchange rate. The tool offers directions located beside the interest calculator and results are calculated instantly.


There are only a few currencies available on its “Account Currency” section. The margin call calculator also leaves out key factors in calculating a margin call like additional open positions, the profit and loss of those positions and trade rollover. Tool can be misleading because of this


The Margin Call Calculator available on the Oanda FXTrade website free of use. It is used to give traders an idea of what rate the market would have to reach for a margin call to be triggered. The tool is really just a basic estimate and can not be taken literally as it does not take into account trade rollover or additional open positions. Tool can be used here, but please remember it is just for estimates.

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