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DealBook 360 Review

The friendly people at GFT have certainly mastered the art of customer service.

Nothing was too hard for GFT and in our ever-more digitally dependent world, we must admit it was nice to deal with real people on the telephone, not an answer machine. Within a day of finding out we were going to be reviewing the software, we received phone calls and emails from many of different staff members at the company offering to help us. We were talked through the software at a time which suited us and were reliably informed this is the gold-star service every customer gets. Wow!

For a piece of software that serves primarily as a broker interface, DealBook® 360 is extremely functional, accessible to traders of all skill levels, we can recommend it to anybody who wants to do their analysis and trading with the same software package. GFT’s DealBook® 360 software serves as a front-end for GFT's trading system, and combines the ability to trade live with a fully functional charting package, white-box language for coding your own indicators and trading strategies, and some advanced alert and automation features that make it an extremely impressive package.

The charting functionality of most trading platforms is usually inadequate so DealBook® 360 certainly stands out in this respect, with usable charts that you can trade from. Especially great if you are new to charting or aren’t ready for a standalone charting package. The pricing structure of the software is also worth noting. Rather than attempt to entice you to purchase the software for an up-front, and often ridiculous, fee, the guys and GFT give it to you free.

For those of you interested in DealBook® 360, you will have a program that can easily be customized to suit your own needs.  The look is clean and organized — designed to minimize clutter — and is intuitive to use. The platform has a healthy selection of customizable indicators and drawing tools, many more than your average trading platform. The program itself is highly customizable. The user can even create hotkeys for various favorite functions and so much more.

The CTL programming language appears accessible, although DealBook®’s commentary states that the user guide is written for the user with prior programming knowledge. DealBook® 360 uses its own pascal-like language, called Common Technical Analysis Language (CTL). While I was unfamiliar with it, it was very easy to read and understand, and has a standard development environment module which facilitates writing new indicators and strategies. The help file could stand to be better integrated to support the language, but this is a fairly minor complaint. There is also a rudimentary strategy tester built into the chart modules.

The interface is generally very polished, with minor quirks in the charting feature —  which went away once I became more familiar with it. I found it extremely intuitive, and did not need to use the help file at all when working with any standard functions. DealBook® 360 has its own data server, from which historical data can be downloaded on which to test systems and indicators. Try it free at GFTForex.com

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