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Home » Forex Glossary » Economic Indicators from Japan

Economic Indicators from Japan

The following is a breakdown of key economic reports in Japan’s Economic Indicators: Balance of Payments (Japanese Trade Balance, Merchandise Trade Balance Monthly, Japanese Current Account, Export Price Index (EPI)); GDP and Output Report (Japanese Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Japanese Industrial Production, Machine Tool Orders, All Industry Activity Index, Capital Spending, Capital Spending Including Software, Japanese Capacity Utilization, Japanese Machine Orders, Japanese Shipments, Japanese Coincident Index); Confidence and Sentiments Report (Japanese Tankan Survey, Tertiary Industry Index, Leading Economic Index, Eco Watchers Survey, Japanese Consumer Confidence, Small Business Confidence); Prices, Salary and Wage Figures (National Consumer Price Index (CPI), Domestic Corporate Goods Price Index (DCGI), Broad Liquidity, Japanese Monetary Base, Money Supply M2 + CD, GDP Deflator, Japanese Export Price Index (EPI), Labor Cash Earnings, Japanese Overtime Earnings, Japanese Monthy Retail Trade, Department Store Sales, Large Retailers' Sales, Convenience Store Sales, Japanese Auto Sales); Monetary Policy (BoJ Monetary Policy Meeting and Announcement, BOJ Monetary Policy Meeting Minutes, BoJ Monetary Policy Monthly Report, Official Reserve Assets, Broad Liquidity, Monetary Base, Money Supply M2 + CD, Bankruptcies, Bank Lending); Employment (Japanese Employment Situation, Labor Cash Earnings, Overtime Earnings); Housing (Japanese Construction Orders, Japanese Construction Starts, Japanese Housing Starts, Japanese Tokyo Condominium Sales)