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Currency Exchange

Exchanging currencies has been around for thousands of years. Today however, one can exchange currencies for the purpose of trading, travel, international purchases of moving internationally.

Most popular currency exchange websites


Coinmill.com has a variety of forgeign exchange resources including converters for a multitude of world currencies, excellent tools for webmasters on world currency conversion, and even printable currency calculation charts for travellers.


XE is the world’s favorite currency site and covers almost every aspect of currency exchange. They have a basic currency converter to determine the value of one currency in relation to another, the ability to physically convert currency as well as information about trading currencies like one would stocks or bonds.


X-Rates.com is another great currency exchange website. They have a simple graph of exchange rates and the ability to show the average yearly exchange rate for different currencies as well as the current rate. It also has some basic information about currency trading


Exchange Rate also has international currency rates as well as currency rate forecasts.

Tips for Getting Back Currency Exchange Value

1.When traveling internationally, bring enough money to get you to your hotel and a little pocket cash. You can get the best rates at the local ATM in most countries
2.Your credit card companies will charge fees for international purchases. Before traveling contact them to see which gives you the best rates