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Tips for Investing in Real Estate

Whether you are considering purchasing a home to live in, a house or apartment for rental income, or a business property, investing in real estate has historically been considered... Read More »

Vacationing in Indonesia

Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago, and it is made up of over 17,000 islands which stretch along the equator for around 5000 km. It is marked by the blue sea, immaculate... Read More »

How to deal with culture shock

Adjusting to a new culture can be intimidating and overwhelming to the point a new term culture shock was coined to define the phenomenon. Cutlure shock is both... Read More »

How to Create a Mind Map

Writing stories, no matter how long or short, is always difficult if it’s not done right. There is often  much to keep track of that it’s easy for the author to lose track... Read More »

ABC's of Fun Things to Graph

Sometimes, graphing can be difficult for kids because not all children are able to clearly visualize what they are graphing. This can become a problem as they move up into higher... Read More »

International Currency Converters

Universal Currency ConverterCurrency Converter for 164 CountriesCurrency Calculators and Conversion RatesCurrency Exchange RatesWorld Currency RatesCurrency CalculatorYahoo! Finance... Read More »

Simulation Stock Market

The stock market is a place where people who want to sell or buy stock get together to do so. There are a number of different financial products that grow or shrink depending... Read More »

Savings Bonds for Kids

What is a savings bond?Savings bonds are considered a good way for adults to save money without the risk of the money losing any value like it happens, sometimes. To put it simply,... Read More »

Math Games From Around The World

For years, people from all over the world have been fascinated with numbers, probability, mathematics, and the way that all of these concepts interact with one another. Different... Read More »

Mathematics Problem Solving Strategies

Math isn’t that hard! In fact it’s probably one of the simpler sciences. That said it could be confusing if you don’t know what to do. Certainly there are... Read More »

Careers in Foreign Services

Representing the United States is both a huge honor and a huge responsibility. When you are in a foreign country as a representative of the US, everything you do is a representation... Read More »

What is a Stem and Leaf Plot?

A stem and leaf plot is a graph that represents the distribution of a set of data, with information for each individual value. It is rather similar to a histogram, but it is more... Read More »

Work Exchange Information

Finding a good job is one of the more challenging tasks in life, and it is easy to spend weeks or even months pounding the pavement, travelling to job interviews, and answering... Read More »

Protecting Yourself Against Work @ Home Schemes

Work-at-Home SchemesBe part of one of America's Fastest Growing Industries!Earn thousand of dollars a month - from your home - Processing Medical Billing Claims.You can find ads... Read More »

Basic Computer Tips

A computer is a machine that manipulates data and has the ability to store, read, retrieve, and process information. Computers consist of two fundamental parts: hardware and software.... Read More »

A Teacher's Guide To Designing A Class Webpage

A website for your students and their parents can make your teaching life much easier. You can provide links to help students with homework, update assignments and give basic unit... Read More »

Semiotics for Beginners

To put it in simplest terms, semiotics is the study of signs. However, to understand what semiotics is, one must understand what semioticians mean by the term “sign.” Semioticians,... Read More »

CIA World Facts

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) provides national security intelligence to the US government and often publishes information for public use. Publications put out by... Read More »

What Is An Angle?

All it takes is a quick glance around a room, any room, to find angles everywhere. Every corner in the room makes an angle. So do the corners of windows, doors, books,... Read More »