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CIA World Facts

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) provides national security intelligence to the US government and often publishes information for public use. Publications put out by the CIA include updated reference information about countries of the world, maps and the history of US intelligence. In addition to the release of declassified materials required by The Freedom of Information Act, the CIA also releases reports on world situations.

The CIA and US Intelligence History

Long before the CIA’s current organization, there was an active intelligence community in the US. The CIA provides an overview of their role, their mission, and their organization. It also provides detailed information on the history of US intelligence going back to the Revolutionary War.

Reference Publications and Research

The CIA’s publications department offers world facts on 266 countries through their World Factbook. In addition to this valuable resource, they also provide current information on world leaders and release accurate maps of geopolitical areas. The agency also provides research tools and searchable databases.


Intelligence Reports

It is the job of the CIA to collect intelligence relating to national security, analyze it, and provide reports to the appropriate officials and agencies. Periodically some of these reports are released to the public.

The CIA publications department has a number of interesting resources about the United States and the International Community. From general facts about countries to informational reports on specific incidents, the CIA is a valuable resource about the world around us.