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Basic Computer Tips

A computer is a machine that manipulates data and has the ability to store, read, retrieve, and process information. Computers consist of two fundamental parts: hardware and software. Hardware refers to the physical parts of the computer such as mouse, keyboard, and monitor. Software refers to the program that runs on the computer and it includes operating system and other programs. Software contains a set of instructions that guide hardware to complete each task.

Computer Hardware and Software

Computer data are the basic information required to run a computer and these data are used to run programs, store programs, and store information. Data transmission is sending information from place to another and there are two basic ways of sending data: serial and parallel. A network is the connection between the cables and the electronic equipment that amplifies the signals passing through the cables. Internet refers to the network of networks and main services of the Internet include email and web browsing. Web browsers are used to access web pages that are available across the Internet.

Operating System and Applications

An operating system (OS) is a software component and an interface between the outside world and the computer. A driver is a program that is specially written to understand the function of a device interfaced with operating system. There are different types of operating system and the most commonly used is Microsoft suite of OS. Application refers to the programs that are installed on the system to perform specific tasks. An application can contain errors as they are written by human programmers.


Files are referred as a collection of data that are stored on permanent storage devices such as CD ROM, hard drive, and floppy disk drive. There are different types of files and they are identified by its structure. The most important file types are executable file types that include .com and .exe. Files can be arranged in a folder and folders are created on the computer hard drive. Files can be copied by several ways such as copy and paste, and drag and drop. File backups are done to secure the important data.

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Virus is a program that runs on the system without the knowledge of the user and sends secure data to third party receivers. The most common method that is used to spread virus is attaching a virus in an attachment with the email. The attack from virus and worms can be prevented by installing a firewall, which is nothing but a device that limits the access to the computer. A firewall can be hardware or a software component running on the computer.

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Email is an electronic mail that is send across the Internet from one user to another. Spam refers to the junk email that is sent to large number of users across the net to promote service or product. Keeping the email address secret is the only possible way to prevent scam mails.

Everyone needs to know some basic computer skills to perform everyday tasks such as paying bills and completing a school project. Also, communication can be made easy by having the basic knowledge of email and computer.