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Home » pages » ABC's of Fun Things to Graph

ABC's of Fun Things to Graph

Sometimes, graphing can be difficult for kids because not all children are able to clearly visualize what they are graphing. This can become a problem as they move up into higher math levels and start graphing not only objects, but complex patterns that require special tools such as graphing calculators.


A great way to teach kids how to graph is to start by having them graph things they can easily visualize. The easiest things for them to visualize are animals or toys that they are familiar with and can accurately picture in their minds.


A – Try Graphing Some Animals

B – Why Don’t You Try a Banana?

C – Graph a Cat!

D – Now Do a Dog

E – Don’t Forget the Elephant

F – Graph a Long Fence

G – Can You Graph a Grape?

H – How about a Hat Now?

I – What's Your Favorite Ice Cream Cone?

J – Now Graph a Jet!

K – Try to Fly a Kite

L – Graph a Cute Little Lamb

M –How Full Is The Mailbox

N – This One’s Easy, Graph a Nail!

O – How Many Slices In An Orange

P – What about a Pumpkin?

Q – This One’s Simple – Graph a Quilt!

R – How Long Is The Rainbow?

S – How Many Seashells On The Beach!

T – Graph a Big Tree

U – Umbrella is Easy!

V – But a Violin Isn’t

W – Now Graph a Very Long Wall

X – Can You Graph a Xylophone?

Y – Try Using a Yo-Yo

Z – A Zebra Comes Last!


Graphing Information:

Once kids learn to visualize what they are going to be graphing, it becomes much easier to accomplish. Then, it will be easier to introduce numbers and other concepts later on.