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Work Exchange Information

Finding a good job is one of the more challenging tasks in life, and it is easy to spend weeks or even months pounding the pavement, travelling to job interviews, and answering classified ads in the search for the perfect job. Yet many people do not often consider the possibility of working overseas for a portion or the entirety of their careers, a possibility that can lead to rewarding, well-paying careers.

Working abroad exposes employees to new cultures and different ways of thinking, allowing them to gain valuable experiences they would not otherwise get if they stayed in their home country. It is easier than ever to find jobs abroad in our increasingly shrinking world, and there may even be careers people are equipped for overseas that they would not normally consider. Fortunately, there are tons of work abroad programs and information on overseas jobs on the web for those who are willing to do a little research into the possibility of working outside the country.


Big Guide to Living and Working Overseas — site for a popular book that helps people find jobs and live overseas

Dave's ESL Cafe — one of the most in-demand jobs worldwide is for English teachers and this site gives information on such jobs overseas

Eurograduate Live — a thorough listing of overseas job opportunities in Europe

Federal Government Overseas Jobs — information on different U.S. federal government overseas employment opportunities

Go Global! — the University of Wisconsin offers many resources for people wanting to find jobs oversea

Idealist.org — this site offers information on overseas job opportunities, internships, and more

International Career Employment Website — a subscription-based site that publishes information on overseas employment and allows access to job listings

Jobs Abroad — searchable site with many lists of jobs abroad

Overseas Job Express — this British site allows foreigners to find jobs in Britain

Prospects UK — a UK government-based site with information on working overseas in fifty different countries

U.S. State Department — the U.S. State department is a great place to look for overseas jobs, full-time and part-time alike

UT Liberal Arts Career Services — both short-term and long-term work abroad possibilities are listed on this website


Alliance Abroad — this organization has work exchange programs of various kinds as well as other overseas opportunities

CDS International — offers professional work-exchange programs in Russia, United States, Germany, Argentina, and Spain

Council on International Educational Exchange — people can study or work abroad through all manner of overseas programs

French Ministry of Education — those who want to teach English in France should check out this site

InterExchange — many temporary work overseas programs are listed on this website

International Cooperative Education — college students, especially, can benefit from this international jobs site

Nurses 2 Canada — helps nurses find jobs “overseas” in Canada

Thailand Language Corps — program that trains people to teach English to those who speak other languages in Thailand